2020 Charity to be Cancelled

 On August 1st, the La Cañada Charity decided to cancel the 2020 charity, which was initially scheduled for August 4th and then postponed to August 9th.

The event was canceled because the La Cañada City Hall could not distribute Solicitor IDs due to the Los Angeles Public Health office’s mandates. This means the event cannot take place in the memorial park tor anywhere else.

While it is improbable, the 2020 charity may take place if the number of COVID-19 cases decreases before the year ends, and the mandate is lifted. The charity still encourages anyone to donate to St. Bede in a time of economic uncertainty.

The charity also encourages anyone to sign up to volunteer for future events like the 2021 charity or to contact anyone to ask questions.

Arthur Khayat, Social Media Manager of the La Cañada Charity, said in a statement, “I think it’s very understandable to cancel the charity because of COVID-19, and it’s better to keep people safe during this time since cases have gone up over the past month. Also, we shouldn’t risk other people leaving their homes and donating to our charity since they or our team can be asymptomatic. They or our team could be carriers, and our team could catch or transmit COVID-19 while donating goods to Saint Bede.”

He then went on to talk about future charities.

“When things get better in California, our team will plan a charity event where anyone can donate to us. We hope this will happen very soon.” 

Co-founder Edwin Tieu expressed a similar perspective on canceling the charity, “Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County, I believe it was necessary for the safety of our team and potential donors, to cancel the 2020 La Cañada Charity. I am deeply saddened that it could not happen this year, but will continue to look for ways to make a change in this community through future charity events.”

Assuming COVID-19 is no longer a threat, the charity hopes to conduct future events.

When the Co-founders and volunteers of the charity graduate high school, a new person will run the charity and continue to plan annual charities.

An Article by the Outspoken Oppa.

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