Join us, on August 4th, so we can give people in great despair the second chance needed to lift themselves and become better human beings. Every life has the potential to be something truly inspiring, let’s make it happen.

All donations go to St. Bede the Venerable. It is a catholic church in La Cañada located at 215 Foothill Blvd. Within the church, there are organizations that create massive charity projects in Africa or makes sandwiches for the poor.


“La Cañada Charity, a group comprised of La Cañada High School students who hope to help individuals and families in need.”

– Los Angeles Times

“Inspired by their peers, a group of local students recently hosted a donation drove called La Cañada Charity at Memorial Park.”

Outlook Newspaper



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The 2020 Charity

Our Charity Projects

Donating to the VH Hospital

(Left to Right) Luping Chen, Two Employees of Verdugo Hills Hospital, Ethan Kim, Arthur Khayat, Luke Yang, Peter Chen, Shakeh Khayat, and Alex Khayat) On May 12th, the first charity event under Project Virtus was conducted. At the Verdugo Hills Hospital, the three organizations met with a few nurse representatives. We greeted them with a … Continue reading Donating to the VH Hospital

Launching Project Virtus

The La Cañada Charity, One Love Organization, and VHH Volunteering club are entering in a partnership to donate face masks and shields to Verdugo Hills Hospitals. I will be representing the LC Charity, Bo Yang will represent One Love Organization, and Arthur Khayat will represent the VHH Volunteering club. We plan to transport over a hundred face … Continue reading Launching Project Virtus

Contact us to learn how you can volunteer or donate.

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Founding Members

Ethan Kim

Co-founder of the La Cañada Charity. Executive Editor of the Outspoken Oppa. A patriot, chess enthusiast, and older brother attempting to be politically independent.

Mason Pirkey

Co-founder of the La Cañada Charity. Head of View Growth and Development Editor of the Outspoken Oppa. Intrigued by dogs and business Enjoys running and spending time with his dog

Edwin Tieu

Co-founder of the La Cañada Charity. Director of Photography and Managing Editor of the Outspoken Oppa. Interested in mathematics and engineering.


Arthur Khayat: Social Media Manager of the La Cañada Charity and of the Outspoken Oppa. Owns a social media reselling account and founder of Supresellera.

Charlie Park: Organizer of the La Cañada Charity and Deputy Editor of the Outspoken Oppa. American interested in politics and warfare.

Kevin Soto: Helper

Keynes Le: Helper

Derek Ahn: Helper

Luke Woods: Helper

Maddie Reinoso: Helper

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